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Polly Farmer

The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation’s first education project, Gumala Mirnuwarni (Coming Together to Learn), was established in Karratha in 1997. After almost two decades, it has been successfully replicated across Australia in 33 communities in Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory and New South Wales. More than 900 Aboriginal students have graduated from the programs and there are currently around 1100 Aboriginal students participating in one of the Foundation’s 33 programs.

The Follow the Dream/Partnerships for Success program provides after school tuition and individual mentoring support to aspirant Aboriginal high school students. The Foundation has also established primary school Learning Clubs and Maths and Science Centres of Excellence, which accelerate the educational readiness of students to enter the secondary program.

Larapinta Primary School is proud to work closely with the Polly Farmer Foundation.