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As per Government Legislation, all students in Primary and Middle Schools must be in full school uniforms every school day. Families are provided with a 'Back to School' voucher at the beginning of each school year to help offset the cost of purchasing uniforms. Larapinta Primary School offers a range of uniform options to suit student needs throughout the year.
Uniforms can be purchased from the front office during office hours.  EFTPOS is available.

Uniform Price List 2021                                                                                      Uniform2

Polo Shirts $25.00
Skorts $25.00
Shorts $20.00
Jumper 1/4 Zip with Collar $35.00
Jackets $50.00
Bucket Hat (navy blue reversible with team/house colours) $10.00
Library Bags $10.00
Track Pants (until all sold)  $10.00

 Prices correct as at 1st January 2021     














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