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Sports Leadership Program

The Sports Leadership Program is one of a number of leadership opportunities provided to students in the upper years. Students from Years 3 to 6 elect their House and Vice Captains for the year at house meetings in Term One. The elected students then participate in sessions where they learn skills associated with organisation of games, safety precautions, preparation and teamwork. The program supports students as leaders within the school community. In Term Two the students organise lunchtime games for the junior classes and assist in the smooth running of the whole school Sports Day.

Sports Leaders are required to:

  • Participate in a Sports Leadership program during Term One
  • Coordinate lunchtime practice sessions for house teams in preparation for Sports Day
  • In collaboration with teacher leaders, organise teams for ball games, relays and other events in the lead-up to Sports Day
  • Be role models of appropriate behaviour for other students within the school
  • Willingly assist staff and other students on the playground, at assembly and in class
  • Display quality leadership at student level
  • Expected behaviours include:
    • Being honest, trustworthy, friendly and helpful
    • Showing pride in self, the school and the community
    • Being a role model student
    • Wearing school uniform every day and being a regular attender
    • Demonstrating good manners and respect
    • Showing an interest in sport and sporting behaviour
    • Able to listen to instructions and to responsibly take on leadership roles within the school
    • Showing commitment to being a House or Vice-Captain for the whole year
    • Being fair and considerate to all


2016 Sports Leaders


Captains: Tane Chown, Mischa Levot 

Vice Captains: Lance White, Taryn Clark



Captains: Dolly Bohra, Hope Heremaia

Vice Captains: Ann Sijoy, Sophie Bailey



Captains: Kasey Ashenden, Heath Renshaw

Vice Captains: Kaiden Baker, Bailey Harris



Captains: Trephina Campbell, Cassie Coleman

Vice Captains: Jordan Johnson, Cody Henwood




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