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Priority Enrolment Areas

Larapinta Primary School has an Enrolment Managment Plan that was implemented on 1st March 2018.

Larapinta Primary School recognises its obligation to ensure students living within the priority enrolment area have access to educational services and facilities at this school.  Current enrolments are at a level requiring the school to place restrictions on out-of-priority enrolment area enrolments to ensure that it meets its educational obligations to local students.

Enrolments at Larapinta Preschool are not affected by the Enrolment Management Plan.
Please be aware however, that attendance at Larapinta Preschool does not guarantee your child a place at Larapinta Primary School in the future.

For further information please refer to the documents below.

Enrolment Management Plan

Priority Enrolment Area 1

Priority Enrolment Area 2

Priority Enrolment Area 3

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