School Information



If a student is involved in an accident at school, parents will be contacted. All information in connection with an accident at the school is recorded, as it is essential for legal purposes if court proceedings should follow and the school or a teacher called upon to give evidence. Qualified First Aid staff members are on duty in the front office during all break times. First Aid treatment is only administered by qualified First Aid Officers. Larapinta Primary School has St John Ambulance insurance to cover transport of students to hospital if necessary.



There are currently 3 options for after school care for Larapinta students. Front Office staff are happy to assist parents with enquiries, but arrangements to access these programs are best made directly with the businesses concerned.

  •  ·         Lil’ Antz, Ph 89530015
  • ·         YMCA. Phone: 0402 038 471
  • ·         Gap Community Child Care Centre Ph. 89538292



All students at Larapinta Primary School are expected to attend school unless there is a good reason for not doing so. This reason may be given orally or in writing (Section 22 of the Education Act) in accordance with the procedure below.

Procedures - If parents contact the school by phone, absent messages will be given to the class teacher. Written notes are required if parents do not contact the school. These notes are kept for the school year. Record of absence is entered in the appropriate section of the roll. If a child is absent from school and no acceptable reason is given by the parent, the Principal must establish contact between the home and the school. It is preferable that personal contact is established with a view to finding out the reasons and determining the appropriate course of action to support the family and encourage the child to attend school. In the case of indigenous students the AIEW (Aboriginal/Islander Education Worker) and ARO (Aboriginal Resource Officer) officers will be the usual home contact officers (delegated by the Principal). Where a student is frequently absent without any notification a form letter is sent to the parents requesting information.



The administration of Larapinta School is the responsibility of the Principal in consultation with the School Council. The Principal has final responsibility for decision making in matters concerning the management of the school as a whole and in matters affecting people within the school. In all policy matters the School Council advises the Principal. The Management Team, comprising an Executive Teacher 5 (Principal) Executive Teacher 4, (Assistant Principal) Executive Teacher 2 (Senior Teacher x2) & Administration Officer 5 (Registrar), work with the Principal on all matters relating to the effective and efficient day to day operation of the school.



During the year, various performing artists visit Larapinta School. The shows are booked well in advance - usually the preceding year, by the Principal or delegate. Parents will generally be requested to contribute to the cost of at least one performance through the year. 



School Assemblies are held on Friday from 8:40am to approximately 9:00am each week. Senior students lead the assemblies. Each teacher selects one Award Student from their class. The students are invited to the stage and are presented with their certificate during assembly proceedings. In addition, award winners are notified in the school newsletter each Wednesday. The newsletter also advises parents if individual students or classes are to perform items.



Rationale: The focus of our curriculum is on the students and their learning, growth and understanding. The focus of any assessment is therefore designed to reinforce student learning and to help teachers pinpoint difficulties so that appropriate action can be taken. Assessment at Larapinta School is designed to reflect individual progress and the learning that is taking place. Regular ongoing assessment of each student is a requirement of each teacher. Formal records are kept on student record files. Teachers are responsible for keeping these files up to date with attendance records, test results and other relevant information. (See ‘REPORTING’ for additional information)

Student referrals are necessary when the classroom teacher, in consultation with appropriate management staff, identifies a child as needing assessment by a Guidance Officer, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, School Health Service or Welfare Officer. Parental consent is generally required before a referral can proceed. Following testing the guidance officer's report will be discussed with parents and teachers. A date for interview to discuss options and support programs may be set. A placement panel may be required to discuss and recommend the future goals and placement of the student concerned. Reviews of student progress against goals will be conducted as appropriate.



All students who ride bicycles to and from school are legally required to wear a helmet. Bikes are to be parked in the designated bike area located at the front of the school. Students are encouraged to lock bikes. Bikes must be walked in the school grounds at all times. All students are encouraged to respect other people's property by not interfering with other students' bikes. The bike shed is locked at approximately 8.45 am and opened at 2.50 pm to ensure security of students' bikes. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss or theft of bikes.



A Safe School Team is formed each year with representatives from all areas of the school. This team is available to assist with management of student behaviour in the classroom and in the playground. Safe School Team members are valuable resource people for classroom and playground management practices. It is the policy of Larapinta School that parents are contacted if there is a consistent problem in dealing with a student in the classroom or in the playground. A brochure explaining Larapinta Primary School’s Safe School Policy is included with the school enrolment package as is a parent brochure detailing our Counter Bullying Policy.



Larapinta School has statutory authority to manage the school's finances. It has an annual budget derived from government grants, commissions and fundraising activities. All school expenditure, except staff salaries and major capital works, is made under council authority. A finance committee is established by the School Council to oversee the financial operations of the school. The finance committee submits an annual budget for approval by the council. The committee meets regularly to review expenditure and recommend necessary budget variations for council approval.



The school has a 25 seat bus. It is used to transport students to many extra curricula activities including swimming, interschool sport, and general excursions. The costs associated with the running of the bus are met through voluntary parent contributions.



At present the school does not provide canteen services on a regular basis. A fully equipped facility has operated in the past but currently is only utilized on special occasions. It is available for class or special groups to use to raise funds. More information about the canteen, including guidelines for its use is available from the Office Manager. Emergency lunches for students who come to school without food are available through the front office. 



The School Council is responsible for the school cleaning contract.



The Northern Territory Curriculum Framework (NTCF) gives teaching staff and schools the structure for delivering outcomes focused student learning, while at the same time allowing them to take into account specific local needs and to promote multiple learning pathways. The curriculum is organised into eight nationally agreed Learning Areas. These are English, Mathematics, Science, SOCE (Studies of Society and Environment), Languages, Arts, Health and Physical Education and Technology and Design. In 2012 Australian Curriculum Mathematics will be introduced in Semester 1 and English in Semester 2.



Student dental care is provided at Larapinta through the Community Mobile Dental Service which visits the school once a term. All students are able to be enrolled in the Community Dental Program on enrolment at the school.



Your child's safety is of utmost concern to us. It is really important that we be able to contact you in an emergency situation. Please make sure that contact details are kept up to date and notify the front office as soon as possible of changed phone numbers for home or work contact.



The Principal is responsible for the enrolment of students at Larapinta School. All families will be required to attend an enrolment interview where general school policies, student needs and other relevant information is discussed and appropriate forms completed. The student will attend the day following the interview. This will give the classroom teacher adequate time to prepare for the arrival of the student.



All schools are required to have an established procedure for Fire Evacuation. Larapinta has a developed plan for evacuation of staff and students in an emergency.



Teachers will provide homework to all students from Year 2 – Year 6. At all year levels, reading is considered an important activity at home. The expectations of homework in each class will be communicated to parents at the beginning of the school year. Whilst staff recognizes the benefits homework can provide and encourage students to take part in homework activities, we also recognize that some parents have genuine reasons for not supporting homework. In these cases, there will be no consequences if homework is not completed.



The staff and students at Larapinta are divided into four houses. Erldunda - BLUE & ORANGE, Andado - RED & NAVY, Ooraminna - YELLOW & PURPLE, Undoolya - GREEN & BLACK. New enrolments are assigned to a house as part of the admission procedure.



Larapinta has the services of a Special Education teacher and a Special Education Assistant. These two staff provide a service to students with special needs by assisting classroom teachers to develop or adapt appropriate learning programs to cater for an identified group of children. This may include teaching/supporting students in small groups and/or individually both on a withdrawal from classroom basis, or within the classroom. The Learning Centre facilitates a number of intervention programs including Quicksmart Maths.



The library is open before school (8:15 - 8:30) at lunchtime (12:45 - 1:15) and after school (3:00 - 3:15). Students can borrow at these times as well as during their library class. Parents may visit at any time. We have a small parent library which you are welcome to borrow from. You can help your child to choose a book or explore a CD-Rom. All students are asked to provide a cloth library bag for borrowing to assist in protecting books. These may be purchased from the front office. Putting the child's name on the library bag is helpful. The Teacher Librarian controls funds for the purchase of student and teacher resources as well as administration and operating costs. Staff members are invited to submit requests for resources to the teacher librarian.



All belongings of students need to be clearly labelled. If no labels are attached lost articles are placed in the Lost Property Box located in the front office. This is put outside the main student entrance of the administration area. Regular displays of lost property are organized. At the end of each term excess lost property is sent to a charity organization.


LOTE (Languages other than English)

It is the policy of the NT Government that students become proficient in English and at least one other language. LOTE in Alice Springs is provided through the NT Language Centre. Currently, four languages; Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese are taught to Year 5/6 students and Arrernte is taught in Year 2, 3 and 4.



Music is taught as part of the Arts program in each class. Students in Year 5 and 6 may access an instrumental program provided by the NT Music School. The program caters for students who wish to learn to play a musical instrument and perform in a combined school band.



No medication will be administered to students unless prior consent is received from the parent. Written consent is required for all medication except in the case of emergencies, when parents will be contacted by telephone. If parents request medication to be administered at school the following requirements must be met. The doctor prescribing the medication must be aware that the school will supervise or carry out administration. It is desirable that the doctor provides medical instructions to the administering officer. Parents who wish medication to be administered to their child must give written consent. Medication for administration should be delivered by the parent to the school office. The medication will be stored in a locked cupboard in the sick room. All medication should be contained in properly labelled containers showing the name of the medication, the name of the student and the appropriate dose and frequency of administration. The designated officer records the administration of any medication.




Due to the fact that Territory Health Services has now declared nit infestation to be a health risk where recurrent or prolonged attacks occur, the principal has the authority to exclude students with infestations from school until such time as appropriate head treatment has been carried out. Students with headlice are sent home and parents requested to treat hair before the child is readmitted to school. In cases where nits are noticed a form letter will be sent to each family in the class advising that treatment may be necessary.



The school newsletter is issued weekly on Wednesdays and is sent home with the youngest child in each family, including preschool. The newsletter contains information and news important to the operations of the school, together with celebrations of our successes and community news which may be of value and interest to parents.



Most schools invite parents to make a monetary contribution as a way of seeking parental support on an equitable basis in addition to other kinds of fund raising. Larapinta suggests a contribution as follows 1st child - $75 per year, 2nd child - $70 per year 3 + children - $65 per year. Parent contributions cover extra resources including stationery and books, travel on the school bus, art council performances and other extra curricula activities that occur on a regular basis.



NT DET has a commitment to the involvement and participation of parents and the community in school management and the education process. Larapinta Primary School encourages parent participation through the elected School Council and its sub committees and the Indigenous Parents’ Group. In addition, parents are encouraged to assist in classrooms and with extra curricula activities. If you can assist us in any way please contact the principal, office staff or classroom teacher.



Larapinta Preschool is an integral part of Larapinta Primary School. The operation and management of Larapinta Preschool is the responsibility of the Principal through the ‘Teacher in Charge’ at the Preschool. Children who have turned four years old by June 30th are eligible to be enrolled in the preschool. Enrolment is organized with and performed by the Teacher in Charge. If there are no vacancies, the child’s name can be placed on a preliminary waiting list.  Names are entered on a waiting list when parents contact the preschool. In 2011 Preschool children attend either a morning, an afternoon or full day sessions and parents are expected to provide transport. Placement of students in these sessions is determined by places available and the wishes of parents. The Preschool is staffed with two full-time  and one half time teachers and two full-time teaching assistants. Larapinta Pre-School parent contributions are $45.00 per term.

Preschool times are as follows:

AM Group- Monday to Friday 8.30am – 11.30am                                                  

PM Group- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 11.30am to 2.30pm and Wednesday 8.30am to 11.30am

Full Day Groups - Monday, Tuesday 8.30am to 2.30pm and Wednesday 8.30am to 11.30am OR Thursday, Friday 8.30am to 2.30pm and Wednesday 8.30am to 11.30am



Parents are reminded that it is very important for students to be on time for classes. The early morning is the time for setting up routines for the day and attending to all administration matters. Late students are noted on the roll book and recorded on their Student Record Files. Consistent lateness will be followed up by the Principal.



In accordance with Section 73 of the Education Act the Secretary may make regular provision for religious instruction under such conditions and at such time during which the school is open. Under Section 23 of the Education Act a parent may withdraw a child from religious instruction by notifying the Principal that they wish to do so. At Larapinta Religious Instruction is held in Second Semester. Students attend RI lessons with appropriate personnel nominated by The Alice Springs Ministers Fraternal.



Reporting to parents about student progress is an essential component of a teacher's professional responsibility. The following is an outline for reporting student progress to parents/guardians of Larapinta Primary School students.

Term 1 - Informal meet the teacher night, portfolios sent home for parent comment

Term 2 – A – E report covering Key Learning areas

Term 3 - Parent/Teacher Interviews and portfolios sent home for parent comment

Term 4 - A – E report covering Key Learning areas



The Northern Territory Department of Education has a commitment to the involvement and participation of parents and the community in school management and the education process. Within this policy individual school communities, through school councils, are able to identify local education priorities, plan the development of education services and carry out a range of advisory and administrative functions for the benefit of their schools.

Larapinta Primary School Council is incorporated under the Education Act and has a constitution that requires the approval of the Minister of Education. The constitution sets out the membership structure of the council and the terms of office of its members.

The Larapinta Primary School Council is elected at the AGM in March each year and meets twice per term at the school. Meetings are open to all parents. The council also operates sub committees; Finance, Grounds and Maintenance and Fundraising. If you are interested in joining one of these committees please contact the Principal, the School Council Chairperson or talk to one of the staff in the front office.



Lessons commence 8:30am

Recess supervised eating 10:30 - 10:40 am

Play 10.40-11.00

Lunch supervised eating 1.00 – 1.10pm

Lunch Play 1.10- 1.40pm

Classes dismissed 3:00pm



Children who are unwell should not attend school. The Northern Territory Department of Education in consultation with Territory Health Services has developed guidelines on recommended minimum periods of exclusion from school or preschool for infectious diseases cases and contacts. This information is available through the front office. In cases where students are sick at school parents/guardians will be notified and expected to collect students.



In April 1989, all departmental vehicles and premises were declared non-smoking areas. In line with this policy, teachers, parents and visitors should not smoke in the school or in front of students.



Larapinta School has a number of special needs student. These students are members of mainstream classes and are sometimes supported by Inclusion Support Assistants and Special Education personnel to enable individual education programs to be more readily implemented.


Each Tuesday teachers meet from 3.15pm and each Wednesday morning all staff meet from 8.00 – 8.30am. On Wednesday mornings, classes begin at 8.40am. Parents are asked to be sensitive to this arrangement when requesting meetings on a formal or informal basis with staff.



Each year a Student Representative Council is elected from students at Larapinta Primary School. Each class elects two members to the SRC. From these selected members an Executive Committee is then formed. This committee comprises a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. A staff member facilitates the operation of the SRC. The SRC is responsible for the organization of whole school assemblies, representing the student body, fundraising for particular charities and providing a model of leadership, behaviour and responsibility for all students in the school. The SRC is invited and encouraged to have input into the school council and other school matters where appropriate. Members of the SRC are responsible for feeding back information to their respective classes and to the junior school.


The Northern Territory Government provides funding for essential supplies to students. Each student is given a basic supply of essential components. If additional supplies are needed through loss, students are asked to replace those items.



Larapinta Primary School students in Years T – 4, participate in a two week swimming program during Term 1 of each year. All parents are required to pay for this program. Information is sent out prior to the commencement of the program each year.



Semester 1

Term 1 – Monday 24th January – Thursday 1st April

Term 2 – Monday 11th April – Friday 24th June


Semester 2

Term 3 – Tuesday 25th July – Friday 30th September

Term 4 – Monday 10th October – Friday 16th December



Any child (including those from Preschool) is eligible to enrol in Transition at the beginning of the year as long as they have turned five years of age before the 30th June. The enrolment process for transition students is the same for all other students. (See ‘Enrolments’)



In line with Government Policy, all students at Larapinta Primary School will wear the school uniform every day they attend school. Wearing the school uniform is an integral part of a child’s participation in the life of the school. To assist parents in the purchasing of uniforms, the NT Governments ‘$75.00 Back to School Payment’ is available again in 2011.


At Larapinta Primary School, the voucher can be redeemed by purchasing uniforms for children as we do not sell text books or stationary items through the front office. Text books and stationary items are provided for students through parents’ voluntary contributions.


The $75.00 voucher must be redeemed before the end of Term 1. A reminder of this will be placed in the school newsletter.


School uniform is as follows :

GIRLS  -   School T-shirt with logo                       $30.00

                   Ink shorts with LPS print                     $30.00

                   Skort with LPS print (with pocket)      $30.00


BOYS  -      School T-shirt with logo                     $30.00

                   Ink shorts with LPS print                     $30.00


                   Jumpers                                               $30.00        

                   Jackets                                                $55.00        


Bucket Hat                                                             $15.00

Baseball Hat                                                           $ 10.00

Hats are compulsory and must be worn for all outdoor activities.

All items of school uniform (excluding footwear) are available for purchase at the school. 

Sandals and shoes are regarded as the minimal standard of acceptable footwear. In the interest of safety thongs and surf sandals are not considered to be appropriate footwear.

The school colours are teal and ink (dark navy).


Larapinta Primary School , 2007