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Lighthouse School Practicums - a little bit of history!










The Lighthouse School practicum was one of the most successful professional development exercises that has ever been offered to teachers! It was successful because it combined classroom visits, teaching and learning theory, practical activities and reflection time. It involved practising teachers and students presenting their knowledge to practising teachers. Sharing of current knowledge, demonstrating techniques and management practices and developing professional networks were just some of the outcomes of this extremely worthwhile exercise.

The practicum allowed the Lighthouse School to share their models of powerful teaching and learning practices and continuing change journey. Participants had the chance to observe classroom practice, talk to teachers and students about learning and explore current learning theory.

Participation in practicums allowed educators to observe, share, discuss and reflect upon:

  • Current pedagogy and learning theories in practice
  • The integration of learning technologies to support and enhance powerful teaching and learning
  • Strategies, tools and activities fostering Higher Order Thinking
  • Explicit links between practice, theory and the Northern Territory Curriculum Framework




Larapinta Primary School, 2011