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Learners' Gallery

Year 4 Phillips - During Term 4 Year 4 Phillips are taking on the Year of Physics Online Challenge. The challenge is to design, create and evaluate a Goldberg Machine.

What is a Goldberg Machine? Have you ever played the Mouse Trap game? Ever seen Wallace and Grommit - The Wrong Trousers? What about the Honda ad where various bits and pieces of car create a domino effect? Well these are all examples of Goldberg Machines.

Goldberg Machines use a string of outlandish tools, items, objects and steps to accomplish everyday tasks in the most complicate way.

(October 2005)

Year 2 Mayes - Students from Year 1 Ashenden showed their neighbours in Year 2 how to make animations using digital photos and PowerPoint. Groups of students from 2 Mayes animated a scene from Walking through the Jungle.

(May 2005)

Wheels Week - Transition Hurn went on excursion to Newland Park to learn about road safety as part of Wheels Week. On their return they made a PowerPoint to recount their excursion.

(April 2005)

Year 2 Lake - Zoombini Zoombuddies

(June 2005)

Year 6 Quodling's Toad Rage novel study.

(November 2004)

Year 5 Scarfe's Bugs and Beasts - the antonomy of various bugs and beasts.

(November 2004)

Silkworms - Students working with Ms Haynes and Mrs Sabadin studied the life cycle of silkworms as part of their Fabrics unit.

(October and November 2004)






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